Filipe Ferreira

Software Engineer


Web developer with AWS infrastructure and DevOps capabilities. Passionate about all aspects of programming and development.


Software Engineer

Sky Uk | 09/2018 - 02/2023

Sky GO

Develop the sky go app, allowing sky customers to watch their content anywhere, worked on the MAC/Windows app. Built our development tooling such as a fully automated way to sign our app and upload the assets to the current buckets in Akamai. Technology stack consisted of Javascript/Typescript/React/redux


Worked on version of NOWTV used for the Roku and Apple Devices. Focused on the Apple TV lunch, added new features such as tracking. Created tools and improvements for the development experience. Worked on creating a dashboard and analysis tools for our ci/cd pipelines. Tech stack consisted of React Native/Redux/Typescript

NOWTV Core Team

Worked on adding analytics to our CI/CD system, we created a system using AWS technologies such as AWS SQS to create a pub/sub system that keeps track of our ci/cd build times and alerts us when something fails. We had all our code running in AWS lambda for our backend/API tasks and used AWS EKS for the front-end and other services that couldn’t be serverless. For long term storage we S3 Glacier and normal S3 for assets and short team storage, we also used S3 to hold our Lambda functions configuration, this was all built using AWS SDK (typescript).

NOWTV Sales & Service

Worked on the My Account team of NOWTV, the main job was to maintain and develop new features of my account dashboard. Also worked as part of the europe rebuild team as we started from scratch on creating the new multi-territory and multi proposition apps for my account team. Before the rebuild we had 12 separate apps per territory, after the rebuild, we end up with two main apps and some smaller ones, this allowed us to simplify and code an make sure all our features could be turned on/off in any territory or proposition. The technology stack on here was typescript with react/redux and concourse as our ci

NOWTV Web Backend for Front Ends

Built out a GraphQL layer to act as as middleware between the frontend website and the many rest api’s. Use GraphQL to aggregate and filter responses from multiple data providers, giving frontend teams an abstraction layer. The main graphql server is builded on top of Apollo server and AWS lambda (serverless) with redis as a caching layer. We managed to get three nines availablity and ofuscate downstream downtime.

Front-End Developer

Love Holidays | 06/2018 - 08/2018

Main responsibilities include developing the main loveholidays website (, my main focus was to bring a new feature to the site and use technologies such as optimize to test them against our user base, allowing us to quickly improve our user experience. Our technology stack focus exclusive around react with redux.

Web Developer

SCL Elections / Cambridge Analytica | 06/2015 - 05/2018

Main responsibilities include full-stack development (MEAN) of Cambridge Analytica and Scl Group websites including implementing the current migration to drupal 8 and contributing to inhouse web-based products and tools such as Siphon and Connect. Build out new product ideas such as “Pangea” (internal name as the product is not released to the public) which is a data matching and management platform, built-in Scala for the backend and ReactJS on the frontend. I also provide training on internally used applications such as Hubspot. I am proficient in implementing AWS infrastructure solutions including EC2, RDS, lambda and API gateway, with responsibility for ensuring uptime and maintenance. Experience with a variety of development tools and practices including version control, continuous integration, SCRUM, Kanban (including Jira and Confluence), testing and code review.Towards the end of employing been focusing on DevOps having to experience in building out and maintaining Kubernetes, managing DNS and web CDN’s using AWS as our infrastructure platform. Designed and built DevOps focus tooling using golang.



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Extended Diploma in Information Technology

West Thames College2013 - 2015

High School

Rivers Academy West London2009 - 2013